About us


Who we are

Lapis Lazuli ministry is a vessel that seeks to carry these foundational truths out into the four corners of the world. It restores lives by reconnecting hearts back to the extravagant love of The Father, raising up generations by repairing faulty foundations, uniting churches and ministries, by breaking down walls and celebrating all that unite, and in this way, impact the spiritual state of Nations.

We look to partner with those whose desire is to carry out their Godly assignment which is to see the Kingdom rule on earth , like it is in Heaven. We can all do this as we learn to follow our great commission, which is to heal the sick, raise the dead, preach the word (Matthew 10v8). We invite you to join us, as together we can provide a forum to support , network, and encourage like-minded ministries as we encourage the body of Christ into maturity and a oneness, through teaching and impartation. This has always attracted an out pouring of The Holy Spirit releasing a Revival in the land.